4″ Carbon Filter, Black Orchid Small In Line Fan & Duct Kit – Hydroponic Tent Grow Room Ventilation LED Set Up


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A totally matched kit to give optimum airflow and odour removal, backed with a 2 year warranty. Black Orchid Radial-flo in-line fan with plug & lead – no wiring what so ever. Radial-flo fans offer a uniquely higher airflow rate than traditional axial flow fans when used with carbon filters. If fact, the Black Orchid Radial-flo fan can handle more than double the resistance than same sized axial fans. Finished in black shatterproof GRP plastic with smooth bore radial-flo blade. Perfect for small set up, use with LED’s and propagating lights. Up to 110m3/hour extract rate. 20w running current. Virtually silent running. UK plug & lead fitted so no wiring needed. Buddy Premium Activated Carbon Filter Superb quality hydroponic carbon filter perfectly matched with the our mixed flow extractor fan for great airflow and odour removal. 100mm, 4″ dia duct connection, 150mm long. Extra virgin activated carbon. Up to 18 months usage under normal growing conditions. Pre-filter included. Rest of kit: Length of high quality aluminium flexible ducting. 3 Stainless steel worm drive clips. A roll of duct tape. California Scents Tin (We will send you one tin) California Scents air freshener tins are a fun & unique way to freshen the air in your grow room, tent, at home, work or in your car. They are suitable for a variety of uses as they come in a compact 42g recyclable tin; easy to hide away, whether it be in your car’s cup holder or simply drop it in your carbon filter! •Works for up to 60 days! •Adjustable odour control lid. •Organic and recyclable. Simply lift the ring pull to release the scent. The fragranced fibre pads are organic & biodegradable.

  • FULL branded kit: fan, filter, ducting, tape, clips and free scent!
  • Black Orchid Radial-flo fan with airflow up to 110 m3/hour, (fitted with UK plug & lead).
  • Buddy carbon filter matched to give 100% odour control.
  • FREE!!! California Scent odour eliminating scent tin.
  • Length of aluminium duct, 3 clips and roll of tape.

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