Air Extractor Vents TT 125 Dual Fan 220/280 m³/h (125mm)


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This compact Centrifugal Duct Fan series of the Axial-In-Line Mixed Flow fan “means the company Ventilution for working or Entlüftungskanäle and pipes with diameters of 4.92 inch (125 mm), is ideal for a variety of ventilation systems to work with high pressure and Hochleistungsluftströmen
. designed

switching the speed of rotation and hence the flow rate can be achieved by different means of the power supply realise.

In any case, the neutral point is “N” (Blue Cable) is always the terminal with the formula N stop! essential for the required performance, the configuration of the clamp with the outer conductor (” L “) Brown or Black Cable

shall provide you the outer conductor on the clamp L1 is the fan with low speed, the outer conductor provide you to the clamp-L2 is the fan with high speed

a clip for an earth is not foreseen and did not necessary, as the case is made of plastic and nichtleitend.

the fans of this series can be easily cut into pieces, it opens man 2 brackets and can take the case with the fan-component of the ventilation ducts and the foot trennen. which simplifies the mounting with screws and dowels (fall in the box) to a wall, or even the simple exchange of ventilation ducts other sizes

please indicate that the maintenance of the fan when networking to be separately! So you keep the product should be that maintenance a regular cleaning of the surface from dust and dirt in the shutdown State should include, in addition to the wing of Lüfterrades every 6 months to be cleaned carefully this is the fan (as described above) and the pegs and strengthen the Casing Fan remove. Note: never in the water!

  • Fan-suitable for 220 306.21 yrd (280 m) ³/h, 230 V / 50 Hz
  • 2 speed settings, 1950-2455 r.p. m
  • 4.92 inch (125 mm) Abluftrohr Adapter Compatible with Flange
  • Clip mechanism is the fan-component Lightweight &quickly opening for cleaning
  • Geräuschoptimiert only 28 of up to a max. of 37 dB (A) 3 m

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