Baby Biorb Moonlight Aquarium & Light 15L Moon Light


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The biOrb Baby is very simple to set up, with a goldfish bowl appearance but aquarium technology and filtration. At fifteen litres, the biOrb Baby is a great choice for those new to aquariums seeking to keep small fish, counting as a nano aquarium. With a reliable biOrb filter, with built-in LED lights, the biOrb Baby is the perfect gift for anyone with limited space. The biOrb Baby Moonlight is an automatic ambient lighting effect that activates when your room goes dark. Once the Moonlight is activated, it fills the aquarium and your room with a gentle glow. Your pack contains:  12v LED light 900g of ceramic media Air stone Filter Cartridge 12v transformer Low voltage air pump Water conditioner and beneficial bacteria liquid  Fish food Instructions  Approx dimensions: 32 x 31 x 21cm Decor in tank not included. Homeleigh focus on great customer service and a high quality delivery service that you can count on. Factoring in our amazing range as well, and we are a one stop shop for all aquariums and aquarium accessories.

  • Easy to setup
  • Affordable
  • Moonlight feature

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