Bio Green electric fan heater Palma digital, silver / black, 2000W


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This Bio Green Palma Electric Fan Heater is robust, compact, yet powerful.
This 2kw electric fan heater is designed to be used in a damp environments, being IPX4 rated it is splash proof from all directions and is ideal for use in cellars, garages, workshops and warehouses as well as in greenhouses.
It has a stylish housing are made from stainless steel and impact resistant plastics. It is designed to be floor standing and has slip resistant rubber feet as well as a usefull carrying handle, so can be used almost anywhere.
This Palma Digital Heater has a electronic digital remote thermostat for instant switching accurate temperature control.

  • This has a Electronic Digital thermostat for precise, accurate control to +/- 2*C. Greater energy efficiency is also acheived as electronic thermostats have instant switching upon reaching temperature.
  • Heat Output – 2000w (2kw) suitable for maintaining good levels of heat in greenhouses up to 8′ x 10′
  • Air Movement – 400 m3/h, ensuring that warm air is circluated quickly and evenly throughout your greenhouse removing any cold air pockets.
  • Safety – Meeting the stringent IPX4 safety standard means this heater is entirely suitable for operation in damp environments such as greenhouses.

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