Black Duct Fan, 6-Inch, Part # IF6; Perfect for Grow Rooms, Cigarette Smoke, Foul Odor Emissions, Pet Dander, Plant Emissions, Allergenic Pollutants & More


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If you’re looking to start a grow room, grow tent, or in need of extra cooling / air quality filtering, then the first step is to invest in inline fans and filters. These 6″ robust fans will pull the air through its filters and pump clean air out. Remove all unwanted smoke, smells, dander, pollen and floral odors without having to install ventilation toward the outdoors. Eliminate all odors and breathe easier with our Inline Fans! Experience WORRY-FREE performance as these fans were designed specifically to gently pull air and eliminate every odor. Don’t breathe in unfiltered circulated air – your lungs deserve better. Compare this to the popular IF6 Inline fans. Instructions included. Power: W Input AC 1.1A. Designed and Engineered by Think Crucial.

  • EXCEPTIONAL FOR MANY ENVIRONMENTS such as grow rooms, commercial cooling, smoking areas, greenhouses, growing tents, indoor gardens, allergen filled rooms, & more!
  • SPEED UP TO 2730 RPM. IF6 part replacement. Designed and Engineered by Think Crucial.
  • VENTILATION as these fans will completely pull foul odors and other air pollutants while filtering our fresh, purified air. DON’T WORRY about ensuring you have ventilation leading outside, as these fans will perform the job even better.
  • EXCEPTIONAL ODOR & ALLERGEN PREVENTION for grow tents, grow rooms, and other indoor areas. Top Fans for neutralizing allergenic pollutants, smoking rooms, foul odor emissions, pet dander, & more!
  • 6″x7″ MADE FOR 6 INCH DUCT SIZE. The sturdy design allows the fan to sufficiently pull the odorous airs through your filters and ventilate the room proficiently.