Black Inline Carbon Filter or Tent Pocket Extractor Fan for Hydroponic Grow Rooms (5″ dia)


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The Black Orchid Axial-flo fan is perfect for mounting in tent ventilation holes or for fresh air input into grow rooms. It has the highest performance in its class, while still maintaining low noise levels. It’s small, versatile and very adaptable. Perfect for mounting directly onto hydroponic carbon filter for extract or in tent pockets for air intake.

  • Mounts directly to a 5″ hydroponic carbon filter.
  • Can be used as air intake and mounted in hydroponic tent pockets.
  • Supplied with a 1.8m power cable and UK fitted plug.
  • Moves up to 185m3/hour of air and fitted with a quiet 16w motor.
  • Suitable for connecting to the end of short duct runs up to 5 meters.