Camelot Companion Bench Cover


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The Camelot Companion Seat cover is manufactured from strong yet lightweight Oxford weave polyester fabric and features high quality stitching and reinforced seams which will ensure worry-free use for years of use to come. The ‘Weatherscreen’ treatment and high quality materials on the cover protects your bench from UV damage, rain damage, pollution, frost damage, bird fouling, dirt and grime and falling tree sap when not in use. Each cover includes a ventilation flap which helps to prevent condensation forming inside the cover as well as an insect mesh and drawstring bag for easy and convenient storage when not in use. The bag is also ventilated in order to prevent mould forming if the cover is stored whilst still damp. WEP0129

  • 81cm in height, 184cm in width, 60cm in depth
  • Keep your companion seat protected in all conditions
  • High quality, lightweight polyester fabric cover
  • Protects against UV damage, rain, pollution, frost, birds and more
  • Supplied in a ventilated drawstring bag

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