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1 x Grow Tent 2.4m X 2.4m X 2.0m 1 x 10″ Metal Fan 1 x 10″ Filter 1 x 10″ Combi Ducting 4x 600w light kit, (4x adjust a wing reflector, 4x 600w i-Hydro ballast, 4x 600w dual spectrum bulb) 4x eazi yo yo 3x Jubilee Clips When you are first starting out with your grow projects, it is important to have the right equipment for the job. Having the proper equipment will ensure that you can get good crops all year round when done properly. With this complete grow kit, you will have all the necessary equipment needed to start your grow room project from start to finish. This saves you the time of looking for everything individually so you can focus on growing without having to worry about whether you have the right equipment. You will have it all with this Complete Hydroponic Grow Kit. Grow Tent 2.4m X 1.2m X 2.0m Hydroponic Metal Extractor Fan 10″ This high velocity fan had a powerful motor built into it which is capable of extracting air from your grow room efficiently. 10″ diameter duct connections. 10″ Hydroponic Grow room Carbon Filter for ventilation Want to get rid of unwanted odours? The solution to this would be a Hydroponic carbon filter. 4 x i-Hydro 600w Dual Spectrum Light bulb This 600w lightbulb works great with any grow room project. This HPS bulb provides great illumination for your plants. 4 x 600w Magnetic Ballast High quality power pack made from steel with powder coating to ensure a hard wearing finish. 4 x Adjust a Wing Reflector The Adjust-a-wing is a new, adjustable reflector that can be used in conjunction with various grow lights. The reflector is easy to set-up and used to form dual parabolic shapes to suit the needs depending on the size, space and light intensity and area coverage required for your grow room. 4 pairs of YoYo hangers. 3 x metal jubilee clips for ducting, fan and filter connection. * Order before 2pm and item will be dispatch for next day delivery*

  • Complete grow room tent kit
  • Adjust a wing reflector
  • 10″ metal fan
  • 4 x Magnetic ballast, 4 x 600w hps bulbs
  • 2.4×2.4x2m grow tent, 600w light sets, jubilee clips, 10″ filter 10″ ducting