DIOSN Automatic Absorption Mosquito Killer Indoor Smart Insect Trap with Electric Vacuum Fan LED Ultraviolet Light Bug Zapper 365nm Inhalation of Photocatalyst Mosquito Killing Trap lamp Portable (Black)


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Covered Range: 60 Square meters
Size: 170*170*310 mm
Power cable length: 1.65 meters

How the Mosquito Killer to work:
Use the UV 365nm-375nm light to attractive mosquito:
365nm-375nm UV light is the best light waves that mosquito loved. with light Micro temperature induction,attractive mosquito in 360 degree.

High Voltage Network Attractive mosquito and Purifying air
High Voltage Nano Titanium Dioxide Network with UV light generate strong oxidation which will decomposition of harmful substances and produce Carbon dioxide and water. Imitate human exhaled gas to attractive mosquito and Purifying air at the same time.

Fan Sucking, High Voltage Killing.
Fan will work at 1.4 m/sec ,strong winds to sucking mosquito into the lamp, go to High Voltage Nano Titanium Dioxide Network and be killed by High Voltage Electricity.

Some Tips to help you improve mosquito killing effect:
When first time use,please keep mosquito killer lamp turn on for 3 – 5 days, mosquito needs time to Familiar with the lamp before go into it.
When the insect trap is switched on, switch off other strong light source in the room. The dimmer light is, the better the effect is. The optimal status is in the dark.
The insect trap is ideally put 0.8-1.2m high from the floor/ away from the wall to provide enough space.
During use, avoid blowing the insect trap with strong wind, such as the wind from an air conditioner and a fan, because it is possible to impact on effect.
The mosquito killer lamp should not be put around you. For Mosquito, you are more attractive than mosquito killer lamp. So please put it on a far corner when you at home.

  • Proactive mosquito Killer: 365nm-375nm UV light attractiving,stronger fan sucking,High voltage power grid killing.
  • Non-toxic, tasteless, no radiation, safety and environmental protection
  • low Power consumption , even if be used for 24 hours per day, Power only loss of 2.88 kWh per month
  • Light soft, fan quiet, it will not affect your sleep
  • Easy to Clean: Built-in safety switch, power grid can be clean with no electricity,no risk of residual high voltage.