Firefly 12kW Premium Stainless Steel Garden Outdoor Gas Patio Heater with Canister Door and Wheels


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Firefly 12kW Freestanding Stainless Steel Gas Patio Heater

Safety Features

Safety is one of the main concerns when it comes to using any type of patio heater. You want to make sure that if something does go wrong (though hopefully it never will), your heater has the features enabled to lessen the danger. This heater has a tilt frame safety feature, where if your heater happens to topple over, the flame immediately is cut out. Speaking of flames, if the flame happens to go out, or fails to start, then the heater has a clever flame failure feature which will cut the gas off, so it helps keep you, your family and friends safe.

Side Door Gas Canister Access

The side door means it’s a smooth process in order to gain access your gas canister. So if it needs changing, or you need to check it for whatever reason, you can do so quickly and easily.

Transport Wheels

Transport wheels are attached to the heater, to make it far easier to move your heater around. So if you need your heater to be mobile around the garden, or to a different area altogether then getting it there won’t be such a struggle.


Includes free gas hose and regulator
– Side open door – quick and easy access to your gas canister
– Transport wheels – makes your heater more mobile
– Can use butane or propane gas
– Approx heat area is 19.6m²
– 40,000 BTU heat output is equal to 12kW
– 2800g/h per hour gas consumption


– Total Height 2.38cm (7ft 9¾in)
– Base Height 80cm (2ft 7½in)
– Diameter of Heater Head 80cm (2ft 7½in)
– Weight 27kg

For safe storage we recommend our heater cover – see ASIN B00I9U1MZ0.

  • Includes free gas hose and regulator. Canister door at base for ease of access
  • Stainless steel heater – strong and sturdy material
  • Tilt switch safety feature – if your heater tips over, the flame will cut out, helping to keep you safe from any nasty accidents
  • Integrated push and turn ignition – makes it easy to start up your heater
  • Flame failure safety – if the flame fails to ignite, the gas is cut off

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