G4 Pre-Cleaner Filter Dust EU4 approximately 1 x 1 M-Dicke approx. 4 6 MM Approximately 50 g / M² climate Bathroom Extractor FAN Vent Heater Blower Vliesmatte Compressor


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***High Quality Alternative / replacement standard and standardised at a very attractive price ***I Filter technology, ALP ® provide many different (alternative / Replacement Filter for Air Conditioning / Ventilation / WRG-/heating systems and Lackier-/Entstaubungsanlagen drying and for potential ***further necessary technical information: sales @filtermaterial.de or telephone 0176-30448045.

  • The product, which is offered here, you will receive only ALP-in filter technology ****
  • G4 Pre-Cleaner Filter Dust EU4 approx. 1 x 1 m-Dicke approx. 4 to 6 mm Approximately 50 g / m² climate ventilation Bathroom Fan Heater blower Vliesmatte Compressor
  • ****************************************************************************************************************
  • For batteries and other necessary technical information: sales @filtermaterial.de or telephone 0176-30448045
  • Please check the measurements before buying Filter / class / execution of its existing filters, since these can, our Little AGBs. their advantages: high dust holding capacity; low loss Filtervliesfarbe May; vary; Synthetic Regenerable by Bindemittelfreiheit; flame in accordance with DIN 53438 F1 / K1 thermally; Solidified, without the use of added chemicals