Infra Red Patio Heater Efficient 2KW Electric Halogen Patio Heater Bronze Finish Stainless Steel Adustable Height


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Powertek 2KW Infrared Patio Heater.


Heat produced is not ‘blown away’ like cheaper heaters, the innovative technology ensures you are warmed and not the air around you.
Heat is not lost through air circulation.

EFFICIENT: Heating provided by dual halogen heating elements that cost 28p per hour, cheaper than bottle gas heaters.

FLEXIBLE: The heater can be used freestanding or will fit through a standard 5cm hole in a garden table.

QUALITY: The Patio Heater has a stainless steel housing and pole complete with oil rubbed bronze finish.

SAFE TO USE: The weighted base provides stability but if accidentally knocked over the heater’s built in protection immediately switches the heater off.

ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: he heater will alter from 177cm to 213cm

ECO FRIENDLY: No smells and virtually maintenance free.

Dimensions: Size: Diameter 50cm Adjustable Height: 177 to 213cm
Domed Hood: 45cm dia.
Weighted base: 50cm dia.
Length of cable from pole measures 165cm when pole is fully extended.

The Powertek Infrared Patio Heater is a remarkable piece of technology designed wtih outdoor entertainment in mind. Whereas traditional convection heaters waste energy, warming the air instead of you, infrared heat radiates heat directly without losing temperature through air circulation. Perfect for parties, barbecues or even just relaxing under the warm and pleasant light; this heater is stylish, versatile and practical, able to fit in to patio tables in place of umbrellas, while being economical (costing only 28 pence per hour!), eco-friendly, clean and virtually maintenance free. The heater also makes use of tip-over safety protection, switching the unit off if accidentally knocked over. Bring Summer to your patio even on the cloudiest days.

  • ELECTRIC PATIO HEATER: 2KW of Sun Like Heat From Dual Halogen Heating Elements
  • EFFICIENT INFRA RED TECHNOLOGY: Ensures YOU are heated NOT the air around you
  • ECONOMICAL: Only 28p per hour, less than a third of the cost of gas bottle heating
  • SAFE TO USE: Automatically switches off if knocked over
  • FLEXIBLE: The heater will fit a standard table umbrella hole or can be freestanding

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