Kwmb 130MS Windmill Garden Windmill For Garden/Garden, 1.3 M Tall With With 2x Solar Lights Made from Bitumen/Solid Wood for Gardens and Patios, Garden Stone Large Windmill with Windmill Windmill For Gardens, C/W Wind Wind Turbines Wind Wings Windmill Windmill For Garden brown


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‘From BTV * With Label *: Large Weatherproof * * Windmill made from wood to be selected 100 cm - 140 cm Model Classic bitumen robust, makes a great windmill with a high-quality solar lighting for outside use (see below * * *). Thick high-quality weatherproof, functional (see choice above) - can be worn with or without solid wooden roof shingles bitumen roof mounted at no extra cost (in red, dark brown, light brown or natural mottled); Package Content: Windmill + Pair of head + 1 Thumb + Solar Lighting * * * COLOURS: Pure bitumen roof: Red, Green, Blue, New: Black (Anthracite) mixed colours: red, green, red, blue, green, grey stripe or separately (picture see in the selection line above each) the roof and the upper part of the windmill This lovely a catch for your garden with a waterproof bitumen/wood shingles in elegant neutral colours Decorative an announcement. The roof of the windmill and wings are rotatable by 360 ° and easy to remove, the sails are smooth ball bearing mounted and functional. The overall height of the mill including the wings is depending on the range up to approximately 140 cm (see choice window at the top), proportional body/Contents corresponds to approx. 50 - 70 cm, blade Spannweiten approx. 80 - 100 cm, unique: Variations in details/design possible. Instructions: * * Vorim Prägnierte design - Long life thanks to the subsequent treatment to protect the wood, hand made goods may be sizes differences of +/-10%. Includes * * * DUAL LIGHTING KIT WITH SOLAR PANEL FOR > 100,000 hours of operation, German company, top quality: Technical data for the fully automatic double illumination set (“Lighting Set Windmill): 2 LED spotlights with 100,000 hours of operation, 1 solar panel 2 V, 40mA (Solar Panel, 1 AA NiMh rechargeable battery, 600 mAh 1.2 V, complete with 1 m cable and fixing accessories, with instructions in English and German, no need for batteries, with on/off switch and light sensor.

  • Robust, weatherproof * * Design made of solid wood, roof and blades rotatable by 360 ° with ball bearing
  • New for variable position of solar module and 2 lights (all included) allowing for a reliable energy supply in the evening - can be charged in sun or cloud. - , with light sensor and on/off switch (cannot guarantee instructions are in English)
  • Size XXL (approximately 130 cm/1.30 m, hexagonal design, proportional circumference and diameter (see below), with Shingle roof
  • Elegant, timeless colours and classic design, fully functioning, a great decorative item for your garden, patio, porch, balcony.
  • Complete offer: with double solar lighting * * * With 2 LED spotlights with 100,000-hour operating life, 2 V solar module, NiMH battery, cable and fixing accessories for flexible use, and instructions in English and German
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