MILLIARD 7.6m long Aluminum Foil Duct 15cmW


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For installation or replacement of 15cm. air duct fitments, the MILLIARD Aluminum Foil Duct is semi-rigid, durable, and multi-purpose. Use it for intake or exhaust applications such as central air intakes, bathroom fan vents, clothes dryer exhausts, etc. Works great with our MILLIARD Reflective Hydroponic Grow Tent and it’s easy to install: just trim it to size with standard scissors, fit it over existing intake/exhaust ports, seal the edges with duct tape and you’re done. The MILLIARD Aluminum Foil Duct has been carefully manufactured with function and safety in mind and its durable construction should provide years of satisfaction with proper use.

  • Multi-purpose. Use it with any 15cm. fitted air duct system. Great for home & garden use.
  • Flexible and durable. Designed for use in the MILLIARD Hydroponic Grow Tent with the MILLIARD Inline Carbon Filter and MILLIARD 15cm. Inline Blower Fan.
  • 7.6m. long for extending airflow to remote areas.
  • Resists punctures and tears, yet remains flexible for maneuverability.

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