Panana Compact Walk-in Greenhouse Grow Green House with Cover


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The greenhouse is designed to provide an optimal growing environment for your plants, with the PVC cover protecting against frost and UV rays. The greenhouse is easy to assemble and is a great addition to any garden or patio.


1.Powder coated steel frame for longevity
2.PVC film cover will provide UV protection
3.Quick and easy to assemble
4.Shelves included
5.Can be used all year round
6.Zipped cover can be rolled up
7.Low maintenance and easy to clean
8.Perfect for small gardens

Dimensions: Height: 195cm (6’8″) x Length: 143cm (4’8″) x Width: 143cm (4’8″)

Packing Size:94*35*11CM
Packing Weight:6.21KG

  • 1.This spacious greenhouse is perfect for seedlings and for overwintering plants, whether you¡¯re a professional gardener or a complete beginner.
  • 2.The design of the greenhouse provides the ideal environment for plants to grow healthy and strong, keeping them protected from harsh weather conditions.
  • 3.View the progress of your plants through the transparent PVC cover, which has a front panel that can be rolled up for easy access and ventilation.
  • 4.Manufactured from steel and powder coated for a harder finish, the frame of this greenhouse is long lasting and incredibly strong.
  • 5.The risk of broken glass is eliminated by the use of PVC to construct the panels of this greenhouse, making it safer for pets and children to play in the garden.

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