Prem-I-Air Wall Mounted Quartz Patio Heater


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This tidy little heater will slot on to screws on a wall and keep you warm in the garden on long summer nights. Alternatively it can be used inside a garage or workshop to provide heat without the inconvenience of having a heater on the floor.It has three heat settings – 0.65kW, 1.35kW and 2kW, all controllable from the long pull cord.This heater is electric and needs to be plugged into a standard three-pin plug. It is rated as splash proof and has an IPX44 rating. This means that it should not be left out in the rain and should be kept in the dry when not in use.Two holes on the back of the heater will slot on to the screws supplied and a third screw will secure it. This means that it is relatively easy to take down should you need to.As it uses a totally dry heat system there is no condensation, gas or fumes. Also unlike gas heaters it heats using infra-red light instead of heating the air between itself and you. This means that the heat cannot be ?blown away? and can also be directed through the positioning of the heating element. The head can be adjusted through 45 degrees to provide heat precisely where you need it.

  • 2.0KW Heating
    4 position adjustable head Rollers for easy mobility
  • No harmful fumes unlike most gas patio heaters Coated with heavy duty, hammered outdoor paint for long lasting protection

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