Shipping Container Air Vent Blue (pack of 2)


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Easy to install within 30 minutes. It requires no welding or painting. This Air vent comes complete with screen to prevent any rodents or insects from entering containers, plus providing great ventilation. This air vent offers the benefit of a rubber seal around the top and sides of the vent to prevent leaks to the internals of the shopping container and also removing the need to seal with silicon. This Vent is a standard replacement for shipping container but is also idea as an additional air vent. specification Comes in brown. fast install. Rubber seal to prevent leaks. Cuts down condensation and reduces moisture in shipping containers. Why not Check out our YouTube channel and see just how easy it is to instal our products? These air vents are idea for shipping containers with condensation problems and wet ceilings. Are you planning storing plant i.e. diggers and ground work machinery in your container. then its highly recommend that you you use additional vents in your container to prevent wet machinery from creating condensation in your container. Any Questions Feel Free To Give Us A Call On 0208 398 8441

  • Fast and easy to install
  • Rubber Seal to prevent Leaks
  • Helps Prevent condensation and dampness in shipping containers

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