SwiftAir 4″ In Line Fan Carbon Filter & Duct Kit Hydroponic Grow Room Tent Ventilation with UK plug


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Swiftair – SF100

SF100S – Standard Model On/off

Input Watts – 15
Airflow – 100m3/h
39 Dba
PA – 20 (MAX)

You will get:
SF100S x 1,
UK Plug with wire x 1 (will need to be wired to fan)
5m Alu Duct x 1,
4″ Carbon Filter 100mm x 250mm x 1
Clamps x 3

On delivery:
The carbon filter can some times have carbon dust come through to the white outer casing making it blackish or grey this is not a issue and fine to use as long as the carbon filter is not dented.


The less ducting you use the more suction (airflow) you will get if using the full 5 meter this will only give a small suction (airflow) we recommend using the shortest run possible
Recommended Length 3m of Ducting MAX
If you do want more suction (Airflow) with a long duct run please see our mixedflow fan which can do more air at high pressures: Item Number 251188069681

Ceiling mounted fan, fan to be mounted within duct

Designed for the safe ventilation of bathrooms, toilets and shower rooms, the SF100 (100mm 4″) range of in-line extractor fans remove any risk of an electric shock in wet areas as the fan is mounted remotely.
Powerful, yet extremely quiet in operation, the extract rate of the SF100 is 100m3/hr
The units are all manufactured using high impact ABS thermoplastics for strength and durability, aesthetics and easy cleaning.
Power is provided by a single phase induction motor with pre-oiled bearings for a long, maintenance-free life.

  • Airflow – 100m3/h (SF100S)
  • 39 Dba, PA – 20 (MAX)
  • SF100S (UK plug supplied will need to be wired) x 1 ,5m Alu Duct x 1,
  • 4″ Carbon Filter 100mm x 250mm x 1, Clamps x 3