Specification: Power:8W Covered Range: 60 Square meters Size: 170*170*310 mm Power cable length: 1.65 meters How the Mosquito Killer to work: Use the UV 365nm-375nm light to attractive mosquito: 365nm-375nm UV light is the best light waves that...

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'Range of small * With Label *: Large, weatherproof * * Windmill made from wood to be selected: 100 cm - 160 cm Model Classic bitumen durable great for windmill can be worn with or without decorative, romantic Solar Lighting (available as...

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Description: For all the big parasols enthusiasts who are looking for an alternative to the basic white plastic sun umbrella. You will always find a place in the shade under this beautiful sun umbrella. The parasol cover is made of water repellent...

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This Bio Green Palma Electric Fan Heater is robust, compact, yet powerful. This 2kw electric fan heater is designed to be used in a damp environments, being IPX4 rated it is splash proof from all directions and is ideal for use in cellars,...

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A black, steel tripod on which you can mount a number of the La Hacienda/Heatmaster patio and parasol heaters for use as temporary or movable heaters. The tripod is adjustable to a maximum height of 1.9m and a number of parasol heaters can be...

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The Gardman Premium cover is made from heavy duty woven polyester, featuring ventilation flaps, double stitched seams, solid brass eyelets, quality tie-cords and zips. Polyester is a wonderfully versatile material that is perfectly suited for...

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