An electric propagator creates the perfect conditions for starting off seeds and cuttings. Kept warm and protection, and with the ideal humidity, seeds will grow faster and stronger, and bring your plants to fruit or flower quicker. A quality...

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Firefly 1.8kW Patio Heater 'Black Heat' with Remote Control Enjoy your garden all year round with this great 1800W heater, with its brand new for the range, 'Black heat'; a very clever and innovative feature. 'Black heat' provides a vast amount of...

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Greenhouse heating needs vary with position, draught proofing and insulation. Generally 3kW will keep a 10' x 12' frost free when -7 C outside. The Large 7.5" fan provides quick, even heat distribution 320c.m.h. Switchable for summer air...

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This practical instrument measures permanently the room air conditional and shows the air temperature and the humidity in large letters on the display. The hygrometer instrument was developed to monitoring the conditioners. You can monitoring the...

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YOKIRIN: -This cute cartoon Television Air Conditioning Remote Control Dust Cover gives a house to the remote control and protects them from dust. -At the same time, it will give your room a new color and more decoration. -You can choose according...

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Note:  1. The mosquito catcher uses indoor, not outdoor.  2. The other light source will affect the efficiency of the Mosquito catcher. Thus, when the mosquito killer switch on in the room, the other light source should be switch off. ...

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