Designed with safety in mind, tubular heaters are a versatile heating product that are used as a heat source or frost protection and to prevent condensation. They can be used in a variety of environments: to provide greenhouse heating, to heat an...

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Installation Type:Deck Mounted,Style:Contemporary,Valve Type:Ceramic Valve,Net Weight (kg):1.5,Shipping Weight (kg):1.8, All necessary installation accessories/manual included.High quality ceramic valves ensure no water leakage.100% brand new...

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Product Specification: * Specifications: 220-240V ~ 50Hz, Class II. * Energy: 2,800W at 20°C; * Ideal for use with 15ft pools or smaller; * Can be used with bigger pools but heating less effective; * Compatible with pumps and sand filters with a...

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Stewarts Non Electric Essentials Propagator comes with 2 Adjustable Vents allowing you to regulate the amount of humidity. The Lid is constructed from a Flexible Thermoform Plastic suitable for ho 52 cm non-heated propagatorIdeal for use indoors...

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An electric propagator creates the perfect conditions for starting off seeds and cuttings. Kept warm and protection, and with the ideal humidity, seeds will grow faster and stronger, and bring your plants to fruit or flower quicker. A quality...

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This super efficient 1500W (1.5kW) infrared heater provides targeted heating via low frequency waves which heat an object directly without wasting energy warming the air between. Using a quartz lamp it delivers high energy instant heat. The...

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