Our TT In Line Mixed Flow Extractor Fans are the best solution for in line, loft or void mounted extraction. TT Fans have a great performace rate and will handle air pressure from duct runs up to 5m. 125mm, 5" dia. Mixed flow technology for...

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The Black Orchid Axial-flo fan is perfect for mounting in tent ventilation holes or for fresh air input into grow rooms. It has the highest performance in its class, while still maintaining low noise levels. It's small, versatile and very...

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Feature: Completely Light-tight,waterproof and air-tight material Exterior is made of commercial grade super 600D Oxford Fabric Cloth Aluminum Foil made inner lining aims at maximum use of light No PVC ,non-toxic to environment,no harm for plant...

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If you're looking to start a grow room, grow tent, or in need of extra cooling / air quality filtering, then the first step is to invest in inline fans and filters. These 6" robust fans will pull the air through its filters and pump clean air out....

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A totally matched kit to give optimum airflow and odour removal, backed with a 2 year warranty. Black Orchid Radial-flo in-line fan with plug & lead - no wiring what so ever. Radial-flo fans offer a uniquely higher airflow rate than traditional...

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Features air-tight, leak proof, tearing & puncture resistant, this 4" flexible insulated air duct has become necessary for serious gardeners! Key Features: * Fire resistant, which is an important Building Regulation requirement as it reduces the...

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