Our TT In Line Mixed Flow Extractor Fans are the best solution for in line, loft or void mounted extraction. TT Fans have a great performace rate and will handle air pressure from duct runs up to 5m. 100mm, 4" dia. Mixed flow technology for...

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Brand New 5" 6" or 8" Air Cooled Tube Reflector The reflector can be placed in a variety of vertical and horizontal positions to grow your plants the way you want - without any limitations conventional horizontal growing places on the grower....

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XFLO Standard Model with Plug Standard Model Comes with wired plug how ever this does not need to be used if not needed SMF fans are applied for supply and exhaust ventilation systems of commercial, office, tents, carbon filters and other premises...

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The Black Orchid Axial-flo fan is perfect for mounting in tent ventilation holes or for fresh air input into grow rooms. It has the highest performance in its class, while still maintaining low noise levels. It's small, versatile and very...

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Axial fans are small, versatile and very adaptable making them perfect for Tents etc Very good for using with carbon filters and ducting 100, 125 & 150mm Diameter sizes available. Ideal for short duct runs up to 3 meters. ** UK plug & lead...

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