The Clear Orchid Pot 13cm by Stewart Garden Products has been fast selling range in recent years due to increase in popularity of orchids, which require light to the roots. The clear pot range is ideal for this purpose and makes view of the...

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Stewart Garden Pot Clear Orchid Plant Pot Planter Plastic Available in 4 sizes: 11cm 13cm 16cm 18.5cm Clear PotLower side ventsAllows maximum light to roots, ideal for growing...

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Stewarts 38cm Propagator Lid part of the Stewarts Premium range, constructed from a Hard Clear Plastic that's resistant to impact this lid is sure to last you a lifetime. This Propgator Lid is de Crystal clear rigid cover with adjustable...

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Propagator Electric Essentials 52cm by Stewarts  52 cm heated propagatorNon thermostatic - simple on-off control via mainsClear cover with adjustable ventilationAdjustable ventilation panels for humidity and air temperature controlSealed unit...

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Stewarts Non Electric Essentials Propagator comes with 2 Adjustable Vents allowing you to regulate the amount of humidity. The Lid is constructed from a Flexible Thermoform Plastic suitable for ho 52 cm non-heated propagatorIdeal for use indoors...

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An electric propagator creates the perfect conditions for starting off seeds and cuttings. Kept warm and protection, and with the ideal humidity, seeds will grow faster and stronger, and bring your plants to fruit or flower quicker. A quality...

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