Uvonair CD800 In-duct Ozone generator 200mm


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The Uvonair range of Ozone generators (CD = corona discharge – higher level of ozone gas than UV) are ideal for eliminating odours within the grow room, directly through your ventilation-exhaust ducting. Ozone safely alters the molecular structure of offensive micro-organisms, to eliminate smells from plants, pets, cooking, and smoke. It also kills mould, mildew and bacteria. Uvonair is a high output Corona Discharge generator that produces more ozone than any other known at this time. It is adjustable to match the ozone demand load for odor control as well as provide energy conservation in low demand periods The CD generator does not require servicing. The Uvonair CD-800 ozone generator will treat all odors being exhausted by a 200mm ventilation system under most circumstances. Intended for rooms up to 20mtrs x 15mtrs x 2mtrs high, or 20,000 cu.ft. (600 m3). Installs into other size ducts with adapters. Set the adjustable output by monitoring the exhaust air for odors. PLEASE NOTE: A) When using an in-line fan, always place the Ozone generator on the output side of the fan. B) High levels of moisture passed through the ozone generator can lead to generator failure. Please contact us for further information if required.

  • Features: – On/Off Switch – Adjustable output – Maintenence free
  • - Utilises Corona disscharge which is more reliable than UV ozone generators. – Completely removes odours
  • - Kills airborne mold spores, mildew and bacteria – eliminate smells from plants, pets, cooking and smoke -
  • - 20,000 cubic foot capacity – 1yr Full warranty – Safe to use
  • * To be used in-line with ventilation ducting; not as a stand alone unit in room *

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