Wetterladen Thermometer Hygrometer Room Control Yellow, 100 x 25 x 135 mm


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This practical instrument measures permanently the room air conditional and shows the air temperature and the humidity in large letters on the display. The hygrometer instrument was developed to monitoring the conditioners. You can monitoring the deepestworth and the highestworth with one automatic and one manual memory. The instrument has a very good display. The display is precise and easy to read. Only in the Wetterladen with a fresh and limited orange-whitedesign-a instrument, that belongs in every room. In many living rooms is the humidity to low, but in some basements or storages to high. The instrument is monotoring your rooms and warns you for unhealty breating air and mold-danger in to wet rooms. It memories also the min- and maxworths, so that you know, how the worths rise and sink in the night. Specifications: Size display: 133 x 90 x 16mm Wide size from temperature and humidity: 18mm temperature range from -50 to +70 degree (Resolution 0,1 degree) Indoor humidity measuring range 20% to 99% (Resolution 0,1 degree) Display of min- and maxworths with automatic timed reset. Display of min- and maxworths with manually reset. Display-instrument for table standing (Stand) or wall-fixing suitable. 1 battery 1,5 V, LR3 contained

  • digital thermometer-hygrometer instrument
  • double minimal-maximum display
  • automatic reset of the min-max display
  • high accuracy
  • optimal room air conditional control

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