XJLED® Led Grow Light Full Spectrum High Brightness Led Plant Light Panel Hydroponic For Plants Vegetative Flowering Less Heat Bigger Yields Greenhouse (300W UFO White)


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XJLED is a new company selling the lights that made in our own factory,we are professional Led grow light manufacturer.we have our own factory,quality first is our responsibility!We worth your choice.

Hydroponic LED grow light for plant cultivation
Increase plant productivity through advanced lighting technology. Hydroponic LED grow light is suitable for all stages of plant growth. The perfect balance of plant growth. The perfect balance of artificial sunlight for your plants.

Artificial Sunlight
Provide plants with the best environment it needs, all season round. Hydroponic grow light supplies an extra dose of nutrition to your plant through all stages of growth.

Never Overheats
Heat-conducting aluminum alloy board and passive heat sink reduces heat and leeps Hydroponic LED light cool even after hours of continuous usage.

Item type: grow light panel
Product weight: 1900g
Number of LED: 277leds (205Red+56Blue+4UV+4IR+8White)
Rated Hours: 50,000
Wavelength : blue light (430~440nm, 450~460nm)/ red light (610~660nm)
Illumination angle: 160 degrees
Working area:3-5㎡
Body temperature: less than 60°C
LED working temperature: less than 65°C
Voltage: AV 85~265V
Warranty: 2 Year
Certification: CCC,CE,FCC, RoHS
Application: indoor garden, pot plants, garden, seeding, breeding, farmland, spray plant, greenhouse plants, pipeline cultivation, flowering, etc. Package includes:
1* 300W grow light bar
*1 set of Stainless Steel hanging kit
*1 power cord with UK plug

  • XJLED high power generation Full spectrum led grow panel.The whole generation have 45W Mini UFO, 150W UFO,300W UFO,300W/400W/600W/800W/1200W grow light panel.You can find other lights of this generation in my store.
  • 300W grow light UFO, with a standard UK plug and a Stainless Steel hanging kit;Size: Dia 10.63inches / Width – 2.48 inches;
  • Alluminum shell,1 x built-in quiet cooling fan with Aluminium alloy heat sink panel, good for heat dissipation;Chips:277leds (205Red+56Blue+4UV+4IR+8White)
  • Compare to the old generation, this one is higher power,stronger lights to meet more plants need.Wavelength band range: blue light (430~440nm, 450~460nm)/ red light (610~615nm, 620~630nm, 650~660nm)/ UV (380~400nm)/ IR (730nm);
  • It can provide all the light a plant needs to grow and flower , to help plant grow quicker an better , increase yield .Add light to plants, stipulate their photosynthesis; help plants absorb nutrients, especially some trace elements; shorten the growth cycle; prevent the rampant growth of plants.